New courses timetable 2018/2019

Room A


10:00 am Yin Yoga by  Vanessa

1:15 pm Pilates by Vanessa

5:00 pm Hatha Yoga basic, intermediate by Vanessa

6:30 pm Hatha Yoga intermediate by Vanessa

8:00 pm Ashtanga Yoga advanced by  Mara


9:00 am Hatha Yoga

1:30 pm Yoga Anukalana by Fabiana

5:00 pm Pilates by Fabiana

6:00 pm Hatha Yoga / Pilates (on alternate weeks) by Vanessa

7:00 pm Power Vinyasa yoga intermediate by  Vanessa

8:00 pm Yin Yoga by Vanessa


9:30 am Meditation by Judith

10 am Hatha Yoga by Judith

5 pm Yoga for children

6:30 pm Vinyasa and Pranayama beginner/ intermediate by Vanessa

7:30 pm Pilates by Vanessa


9:00 am Pilates by Vanessa

6:00 pm Hatha/ Pilates by Angie ( on alternate week)

7:00 pm Yin Yoga by Lucia

8:00 pm Shiva Flow by Lucia


10:00 am Pilates by Vanessa

00:30 pm Pilates balance board by Vanessa

5:00 pm Pilates by Vanessa

6:00 pm Hatha Yoga beginner/intermediate by Vanessa

7:00 pm Ashtanga beginner/intermediate by Angie

Room B


6:00 pm Hatha ashtanga yoga beginner by Angie

8:00 pm Yin/Yang Flow Yoga intermediate by Lucia and Michael



6:00 pm Anukalana yoga by Fabiana

7:00 pm Hatha Yoga beginner by Angie


6:00 pm Kundalini


5:00 pm Capoeira for children

6:00 pm metabolic Training

7:00 pm Pilates balance board by Vanessa

Hours & Info

Viale Europa, 95 – Firenze (FI) 50126, Italy

Info with call, SMS and WhatsApp: every day until 7:30 pm