Kundalini Yoga – definition

Kundalini Yoga

A mainly energetic yoga, whose emphasis is not only on the body or on the precision of the positions. The main purpose is to promote the flow of energy and the stimulation of the magnetic field: well-being and vigorousness of the body are a secondary effect of the well-stimulated energy flow. Physical practice is complemented by a relaxation followed by a short meditation. Classes are always different; the teacher has the privilege of having 7,000 different kriya as far as an important number of meditations. The benefits that you get with Kundalini yoga are:

– on a physical level: improving the cardiovascular system; Rejuvenating nervous, digestive and lymphatic system; Balancing the glandular system, increasing the resistance even of immune system.

– at mental level: more balance in emotions, increased intuition; control of stress and anxiety; resolution of deep internal conflict; relationship improvement.

There are no levels and is a practice for everyone.