Yin/Power yoga retreat in Goa – sept 2019

May 1, 2019

Yin/Power yoga retreat in Goa – sept 2019


📣 Upayayoga – Goa (India) – Registration will close on June 15th! Limited availability!

📣 3/13 September 2019 –

Total rate (excluding flight; room and board included) 1350 euros

👉 Power / Yin Vinyasa teacher training -100 hours valid for continuing education teachers – recognized Yoga Alliance course US

In-depth analysis of Yin yoga and theory on extraordinary meridians and viscera (linked to ancestral emotions and our soul)

Insights on headstand / handstand / atm Balance advanced level, how to overcome fear and how to strengthen the body.

👉 The program includes:

The basics of hatha yoga: main asanas for power yoga

Arm balance intermediate / advanced level

Headstand / handstand: strengthens the body and faces fear

The basics of Yin Yoga: main asanas

Vinyasa: the main asanas and the power / yin sequences

Hatha yoga theory: from its origins to modern yoga

Historical / cultural differences of the main current yoga styles: hatha yoga / ashtanga vinyasa / vinyasa

The main theory of Yin yoga is the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine from which originates extraordinary meridians and viscera

Vinyasa power and Yin sequences for beginners and intermediate classes: the most used asanas, how to structure a sequence, muscle strengthening techniques, pranayama techniques

👉 POWER YOGA / YIN VINYASA training will be conducted by Vanessa Fabbrilei, 500 ERYT YOGA ALLIANCE certified teacher

👉 for information and registration, send an email to info@olisticnetwork.com or text/ whatsapp to 339/8204423

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