Teacher Training Haha Yoga – power / yin Vinyasa – Maldive July 2019

Hatha yoga & power / yin Vinyasa

What is Vinyasa ?

Vinyasa is a form of fluid yoga, a link between the movement of the body and the breath, where primary importance is given to pranayama, to the breath, which must support us and lead us to inner perceptions throughout our practice.

It is a recent and modern practice, more and more requested in yoga centers. It is a continuous flow of asanas punctuated by vinyasa, in fact, characterized by 3 main positions around which all the remaining practice is thought in order to deepen some aspects, such as strengthening the core, elongations, arching or providing a continuous flow between the various groups of positions.

The course focuses on how to make the most of the peculiarities of this style of yoga: it can be used to strengthen the body, through asanas of strength and balance or increase flexibility and concentration, through stretching and holding asana .

Of great importance, the attention we’ll bring to breathing fluidly and the significance of pranayama to get the maximum benefits from this practice.

Through pranayama we are able to connect completely with the movement and to make our practice a real Yoga practice and not a form of gymnastics or stretching. Breathing allows our body to carry oxygen, this allows the yoga practitioner to continuously oxygenate their tissues, organs, muscles. This connection allows our mind to be oxygenated, to eliminate thoughts and ruminations, to create space and free those who in yoga are called Siddhi (spiritual or psychic abilities), the powers connected to the connection with the self, intuition and clairvoyance. (clairvoyance: vision, ability to have a clear vision of our journey) This makes yoga a practice where you do not feel the fatigue at the end of the lesson but a sense of total energy and contentment.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is one of the four fundamental principles of yoga. Prana, our vital energy, which spreads through our body through our breath and fills us with new energy. That energy that we continuously disperse in our daily life instead of preserving it.

Pranayama allows us to generate new energy, through different techniques, increasing or decreasing the fire, raising or lowering the temperature, in support to the moment we are living.

The program includes:

The basics of hatha yoga: main asanas The basics of Yin yoga: main asanas

Vinyasa: the main asanas and the power / yin sequences Hatha yoga theory: from its origins to modern yoga

Historical / cultural differences of the main current styles of yoga: hatha yoga / ashtanga vinyasa / vinyasa

The main theory of Yin yoga and basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine from which it originates (the main meridians, the yin and the Yang

Basis of functional anatomy

Vinyasa power and yin sequences for beginner and intermediate classes: the most used asanas, how to structure a sequence, muscle strengthening techniques, pranayama techniques

The importance of pranayama: 12 pranayama techniques, to create energy and to calm the mind and find concentration

Learn to coordinate the breath with vinyasa: listening to the self.


7.30 / 9.30 practice hatha / yin vinyasa

9.30 / 10.30 breakfast

10.30 / 13.00 free time for excursions

13/15 lunch break and self study

15/17 philosophy (yoga / mtc / pranayama)

17 / 17.30 break

17.30 / 19 practice power Vinyasa

The course is open to yoga teachers and practitioners (at least one year of constant practice)

The course is recognized by the Yoga Alliance US for continuous training (yacep) and issues a total training certificate of 80 hours


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Full Samura Maldives info at:


Course fee:

Accommodation is in single, double or triple rooms. The fee for accommodation is  1155 euros in a single room, 735 euros in a double room all inclusive or 679 euros in a triple room all inclusive (prices are per person).

The transfer from / to Male airport is 55 euros per person Individual training fee: 1150 euros.

Total contribution (excluding flight) accommodation + training:
2360 euros in a single room – 1940 euros in double room – 1890 euros in triple room.

Flight NOT included – flight organization is individual

EARLY BIRD FOR THOSE BOOKING BY 15 APRIL: 2100 euros in single – 1750 in double – 1690 in triple



Vanessa Fabbrilei, ERYT 500 teacher with Yoga Alliance Italy / International and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance US.

Vanessa Fabbrilei started her education in Hatha yoga and its philosophy in 2008, following Indian masters along a training path outside of the western standards and classifications,
Her will to deepen the knowledge of yoga led her to study Foot Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, disciplines for both of which she became a certified Teacher and Trainer. This allowed her to find the natural connections between yoga and TCM and to discover the beneficial links in both the philosophical and physical aspects.

Along this ever learning process journey, she met Silvia Romani and Max Gandossi with whom she continued her training and, eventually, started a close cooperation.
She also constantly attends international trainings with teachers such as Shana Meyerson, Laruga Glaser, Donna Fahri.

Currently she holds training courses and workshops throughout Italy (Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Gubbio, Brindisi) and India (Upaya Yoga Rishikesh and Goa).
In 2011 she opened Olistic Network, her yoga center in Florence, Italy.
Every year more than one hundred students come from all over Italy (and abroad) to attend teacher training courses for the innovative and internationally recognized method. Four training courses are held each year with a weekend formula, both 200 and 500, a summer training in full immersion (200 hours – 20 days) and various workshops, while in India she teaches full immersion once a year.

The disciplines taught by Vanessa are: Hatha Yoga / Yin Yoga / Vinyasa yoga / Indian philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.

Paola is a RYS 200 + 100 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, specialized in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power and Yin Yoga. With a strong background in gymnastics, after competing as an athlete, Paola has been teaching for more than 10 years, between Italy, Thailand and Dubai. Besides Yoga, she is a gymnastic coach (certified by the Italian Gymnastics Federation), a Pilates Mat teacher (certified by the Federazione Italiana Fitness), and a Swing Yoga trainer (certified by Body Fly International Academy). Paola is a member of REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) in the UAE.

During her 3 years living in Thailand, Paola’s passion for holistic matters prompted her to study and practice Thai Traditional Massage, Foot Reflexology, and Reiki.

Paola loves sharing with her students the full range of her experiences, with the goal to help people express themselves through a conscious use of their body.
Paola brings to her yoga sessions elements of her other skills as a trainer, inspiring her students to face and go beyond their natural and mental limitations. With this goal in mind, she teaches sequences taken from gymnastics, that challenge the students’ abilities in strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Paola’s signature is to conclude each class with an essential oil massage, relaxing to the mind, and energizing to the body.

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