Full Immersion Retreat 2/8 January 2019 at Casa della Pace – Gubbio – Italy Last Vacancies

(For those who are interested just in the retreat and do not wish to receive a certificate of continuing education that requires 80 hours, it’s possible to anticipate the departure to 6 January)

The retreat is valid for continuous training, in a unique setting immersed in the woods where the only distraction is the silence of nature

80 hours – continuous training

The retreat is open to all: to those who want to dedicate time to themselves, to those who want to deepen their awareness of yoga, to teachers who wish to move forward along the path of continuing education.

FOR TEACHERS: the course is recognized by Yoga Alliance US and CSEN (CONI)

“… pranayama is the heart of Yoga, Since pranayama lengthens the time taken by each inhalation and exhalation, thus slowing down the aging process, its practice gives a longer and healthier
life …. Pranayama helps to normalize the size of the pulmonary alveoli that tend to absorb less oxygen in the course of life.Pranayama helps to normalize its size and circulates the red blood cells in all parts of the body, infusing life and vigor, helping to delay the process of senescence … “B.K.S. Iyengar

Pranayama is one of the four fundamental principles of yoga. Prana, our vital energy, which spreads through our body and fills us with new energy. That energy that we continuously disperse in our daily life instead of preserving it.
Pranayama allows us to generate new energy, through different techniques, increasing or decreasing the fire, raising or lowering the temperature, in support to the moment we are living.

VINYASA is a form of fluid yoga, where primary importance is given to pranayama, to breathing, which must support us and lead us to inner perceptions throughout our practice. Through it we are able to connect completely with the movement and to make our practice a real Yoga practice and not a form of gymnastics or stretching. Breathing allows our body to carry oxygen, this allows the yoga practitioner to continuously oxygenate their tissues, organs, muscles. This connection allows our mind to be oxygenated, to eliminate thoughts and ruminations, to create space and free those who in yoga are called Siddhi (spiritual or psychic abilities), the powers linked to the connection with the self, intuition and clairvoyance. (clairvoyance: vision, ability to have a clear vision of our journey) This makes yoga a practice where you do not feel the fatigue at the end of the lesson but a sense of renewed energy and total contentment.

In this training we will work on the importance of always introducing the control of pranayama into one’s own classes or practice.

The program includes:
The vinyasa par excellence: Surya namaskar A / B / C and the correct breathing in their execution How to create a vinyasa starting from the Surya Namaskar
Vinyasa for beginner and intermediate classes: the most used asanas
The importance of pranayama: 12 pranayama techniques
Learn to coordinate the breath with vinyasa: listening to the self

Philosophy of yoga, the last four stages of the Ashtanga philosophy according to Patanjali: Pranayama / pratyahara / dharana / dhyana and samadhi (that is, what moves from pranayama onwards to the connection with the self)

Philosophy of yoga: history of modern yoga and history of the origins of samkhya yoga Philosophy: the powers of the mind through the nun yoga of Patanjali and samkhya yoga

The course is open to yoga teachers and practitioners (one year minimum of regular practice is required)

The course is recognized by Yoga Alliance US for continuous training (yacep) and issues a total training certificate of 80 hours

The course is full immersion and will take place at CASA DELLA PACE in Gubbio (www.casadellapace.org)

Arrival is scheduled on January 2nd by 10 am (practice will start at 10.30) departure on January 8th by 1pm (practice will end at 12)


7.30 / 9.30 hatha / vinyasa practice

9.30 / 10.30 breakfast

10.30 / 12.30 teaching theory and in-depth study of the morning with adjustements

12.30 / 15 lunch break and self study

15/17 philosophy (yoga / mtc / pranayama)

17 / 17.30 break

17.30 / 19 Vinyasa practice

Contribution 1040 euros inclusive of food, accommodation (in shared rooms of three participants – for those who want a double room the supplement is 150 euros per person)

The course is organized by Olistic Network (www.olisticnetwork.com) the teacher is Vanessa Fabbrilei, ERYT 500 (experted teacher) hatha yoga, Yin yoga, traditional Chinese medicine (Vanessa teaches in her own Yoga Center in Florence, as well as in some of Italian main cities and also at Upaya Yoga – India)

For information and reservations send an email to info@olisticnetwork.com

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