End of Year Yoga Retreat ITALY – GUBBIO (Umbria)

End of Year Yoga Retreat ITALY – GUBBIO (Umbria)

December 29/January 2 – Casa della Pace – Umbria (www.casadellapace.org)

Let’s celebrate together the end of the year in the name of tranquility, peace, detoxification.

In a wonderful Umbrian countryhouse, immersed in the woods but close to art cities, our retreat wants to bring the attention to the recovery of natural life pace, on proper breathing, on a practice that allows the body to detoxify through exercise and proper nutrition. Our body is not a machine, though we often treat it as such. We do not have the awareness of our body, we often feel only the discomforts and limitations, instead of drawing the attention to the beauty that is hidden even behind the smallest of movements. We have no awareness of ourselves and our body, we often delegate the care and attention to others, whether they are doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, as if it is, in fact, not our job, to safeguard it. This retreat wants to bring attention to the awareness, to the recovery of one’s own mind, its identity, far from the hectic pace that does not even allow us to understand exactly who we are. We will work on reactivating energy, concentrating on the movements, on breathing practices to bring breathing back to its normal rhythm.

Open to all – Max 15 ppl

CONTRIBUTION: 440 EURO ALL INCLUSIVE (full board, tea, infusions and fruit during the day, overnight stay, practice) – 30% to be paid at the time of booking.

THE ORIGINS OF YOGA (Historically and culturally)
SAUCHA – PURIFICATION (an old Ayurveda technique to clean the whole intestine with salt and water – Optional)
WHAT IS YOGA – its historical / cultural location, its evolution, its cultural traditions and cultural context in which it was born and where it developed.
Saucha, one of the founding principles of yoga: purification. Purification or cleaning, not only of the body, through healthy nutrition but also our energy, our minds, our energy channels. In this retreat, we will clean and purify our bodies: through the asana and practice we will work on the detoxification of tissues, muscles and skin, through shank prakshalana (optional practice) we will do a deep cleansing of the intestine. through yin yoga practices and twists we will work along the meridians of the stomach, liver, spleen and kidneys (linked to anger, mental rumination and our fears), while pranayama practices will allow a deep re-activation of oxygenation of the tissues, the elimination of slags, the rebalancing of our vital energy (prana), and the regaining of proper breathing. We will work on deep asana and twist and elongation activators balancing the yang (dynamic) and in Yin (passive) modes.

29 December
Arrival (by 15:00)
from 5 pm to 7 pm Retreat Presentation and Practice Yoga and its origins – Yin Yoga practice
(Yin yoga is a profound practice where you work on energy meridians to free up the blocks, even physical, caused by retained emotions)
30 & 31 December
8.00/9.30 theory on the origins of yoga and practice of hatha yoga
9.30 /11 breakfast and free time
11/12.30 meditation and pranayama techniques – meditation and pranayama to calm the mind and purify mind and body – theory and practice 13/16.30 lunch and break
16.30/18.30 hatha / yin yoga practice on twisting – activating. After practice, sound bath relaxation- use the sound to relax your mind and let the muscles begin to regenerate.
dinner & sharing 1 January
8.00 Shank Prakshalana practice – Intestine cleansing
(IMPORTANT: This practice is not mandatory, everyone can choose to do it or not)
10/11 hatha / yin yoga practice (for those who skip the practice above) 11.30 /13 The origins of yoga – theory (the historical origins, the social context from the origins to the present day, the traditions)
rest until 4:30 pm – no lunch, only snack with specific foods
16.30 / 18.30 pranayama, practice and sound bath dinner & sharing

We will stay in a farmhouse that houses yoga retreats nestled in the woods, near Gubbio ….(www.casadellapace.org)

FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS TEXT OR WHATSAPP TO NR +39 339/8204423 OR A MAIL TO info@olisticnetwork.com (www.olisticnetwork.com – fb olistic network page)
NOTE: On New Year’s Eve a normal dinner will be served.

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  1. Ho conosciuto questo post perché me l’ha segnalato un amico, devo farvi i complimenti perché scritto bene e davvero ottimo. Continuate cosi : gentili educati e professionali. Avete fatto un ottimo lavoro.

    1. Ciao Jerri, grazie mille, sono contenta che ti piaccia! grazie, fa sempre piacere ricevere complimenti per il proprio lavoro, sopratutto quando alla base di questo c’è una profonda passione.

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